Monday, 26 May 2008

industry report

page 1

Here is a few InDesign documents from my end of year Industry report, we had to create a 24 page (
11 spreads/ cover & back) book thats to be bound accordingly. As I'm not a Graphic Designer, i enjoyed the challenge of trying to understand typographic hierarchy and layout, even using the grid system and InDesign was a completely new process to me. These are to be French Fold, this was simply to avoid using a pagination chart. This books now to be sent to the printers and book binders, I'm interested to see the final thing will look like.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

young & old

Looked at drawing characters from 1940's England.

hackney love

hackney love

Quick sketches of the borough of Hackney.

i heart hoxton

hxtn alfred hitchcock

Two posters celebrating the area of Hoxton.

everyday is like sunday

everyday is like sunday
A character developed through numerous projects, i just kept on drawing him. Seems to be a Morrissey fan though.

a self portrait

joe rolph
Thought i would start out with a self portrait, this was for my credentials project that would appear on my CV. This is hand drawn and coloured using free hand on photoshop, no illustrator used.

This is 'Alan Partridge', I was just experimenting with different ways for portraying characters from classic British comedy for my UKTV Gags brief. I went with a completly abstract character in the end that performed the actions. It was my first attempt at Stop-Frame animation, the outcome was very rough but something i enjoyed and would like to do a lot more of in the future.